September 2023

News to the RCS Network

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  • Welcome note from Nathan & Dianne
  • Interview with Coach Cheryl Anderson, Gainesville, FL
  • What’s new and what we are working on
  • How to Keep Your Coaching Edge by Dr. Nathan Baxter
  • Resources that will encourage and equip you for Real Coaching Success

Note from Nathan & Dianne Baxter

The last two months have been a whirlwind consisting of tons of travel, hanging out with grandkids, tech issues, and a whole new batch of coaching clients. This being said, we are behind on our strategy to encourage and equip coaches but we are back at it and ready to regroup, reset, recommit, re-engage to fulfill the mission of RCS. We hope to drop our first podcast before our upcoming workshop in a couple of weeks. Also, we are very excited that we have several students working through the certification course and we look forward to the day when we are full. Stay tuned!

Featured Coaching Resource

Interview with Coach Cheryl Anderson, Gainesville, FL

Clarity Coaching and Consulting

Cheryl completed the RCS certification 6 years ago and went on to build a very successful coaching business. As a veteran licensed therapist, she offers expert advise on the importance of knowing the difference between coaching and counseling. She also shares how she structures her work week and keeps it all straight as well as some of the most difficult aspects of her coaching business.

What’s new and what are we working on

RCS Sips & Tips Podcast

WE ARE BEHIND but we hope to get back on schedule and launch our podcast before our upcoming workshop.

Strategic Partnership with Your One Degree

I am happy to announce that RCS has formally agreed to provide certification coaches’ training for the Your One Degree ministry.

Dave Jewitt (founder Your One Degree) has been coaching me for over 30 years and we finally have figured out a way to do something together. Need details?

Real Coaching Success Workshop, October 12-13, Tulsa, OK

We can’t wait to see everyone next week. It’s not too late to register. Register TODAY!

RCS Certification Course

We are up and running and excited to continue to help others who want to become a coach or are in need of some skill training. We offer a full certification or students can pick and choose which modules they need. Click here for details.

How to Keep Your Coaching Edge by Dr. Nathan Baxter

I try not to get too annoyed when I come across coaches and coaching firms that are simply sloppy in their work. It simply doesn’t need to be that way. Clients come to us offering up a portion of their life trusting us to deliver helpful advise and guidance to get them to the next level of living. Read more here.

Resources that will encourage and equip you for Real Coaching Success

  • Think.Coach.Pray. is a weekly email resource for coaches who want to tap into their Christian faith to help them experience Real Coaching Success. Sign up today at
  • Read Nathan & Dianne’s book Real Coaching Success if you want their best tips for success. You can find it on Amazon.
  • Monthly RCS Newsletter is a monthly resource designed to encourage and equip coaches.
  • RCS Certification & Training contains 8 modules of learning to pick from. Work at your own pace. A combination of audio files, open-book test, interactions with a RCS coach at the completion of each module.
  • Annual Coaching Success Workshop in Tulsa, OK (for coaches by coaches). Check out the workshop here.