Real Coaching Success Certification Overview

Design of the Learning Process.

The RCS certification course consists of 8 learning modules that contain 4-5 lessons in each module. To complete a lesson, the student must listen to a 15-20 minute audio lesson and complete the learning exercises. After all the lessons are completed, the student will take an open book test and submit their answers to the RCS office.

A Zoom call will then be scheduled between the student and an RCS certified coach to talk through their answers and answer any of their questions. Once completed, the student will be approved to sign up to take the next learning module. The student is free to work at their own pace. Upon completion of all 8 modules, the student will receive a signed certificate stating that they are officially certified in the Real Coaching Success method of coaching.

The student is free to work at their own pace. Upon completion of all 8 modules, the student will receive a signed certificate stating that they are officially certified in the Real Coaching Success method of coaching.

The training I received was very practical and very easy to implement. The smartest decision I made was to go through the Real Coaching Success certification.

Cheryl Anderson, Gainesville, FL,

Pick and Choose: Also available is the option for the student to pick and choose which modules they would like to work through that best fit what they are needing. No certificate will be issued.

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The Story Behind Real Coaching Success

All you need to know about this course.

I attribute most of my success in my coaching business to my certification training with Real Coaching Success. We are on target this year to meet our financial goals.

Heather Bohlinger, Windsor, CO,

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MODULE 1: COACHING 101 ($649)

Coaching 101 will guide the student towards building a solid foundation for their coaching practice.

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  • Lesson 1 — What is coaching and why do people need coaching?
  • Lesson 2 — Real Coaching Success defined.
  • Lesson 3 — Overview of various coaching methods.
  • Lesson 4 — Getting to know yourself using the Birkman® assessment tool.
  • Lesson 5 — How to use your hard wiring to help you be a great coach.


Finding Your Signature Coaching Style will help the student identify their unique way of coaching others based on their coaching vision, motives, values, hard wiring, and their power messages.

Listen to Module 2 Preview

  • Lesson 1 — The importance of having a coaching signature.
  • Lesson 2 — Creating your coaching vision and motives.
  • Lesson 3 — Developing YOUR coaching values.
  • Lesson 4 — Identifying your power messages.
  • Lesson 5 — Finding your own coaching signature.


Important Coaching Fundamentals will teach the student about the fundamentals in coaching that need to be known and followed in order to experience real coaching success.

Listen to Module 3 Preview

  • Lesson 1 — Coaching begins with self leadership.
  • Lesson 2 — Overview of the coaching relationship from start to finish.
  • Lesson 3 — The 3 parts to every coaching session.
  • Lesson 4 — How to take notes so they are easy to retrieve and review.
  • Lesson 5 — Ending and evaluating a coaching relationship.


Core Coaching Skills will train the student the core coaching skills that are required to effectively coach others.

Listen to Module 4 Preview

  • Lesson 1 — The skill of asking questions.
  • Lesson 2 — The skill of using your emotional intelligence.
  • Lesson 3 — The skill of telling the truth.
  • Lesson 4 — The skill of closing the coaching gap.

Dr. Baxter’s training is spot on. Because of what I learned, I was able to launch my own coaching business.

Rodney Agan, Atlanta, GA,


Building Your Coaching Toolbox will train the student how to use 4 coaching tools that have a proven track record of effectiveness. Additionally, they will be guided on how to build their toolbox that will be used in their coaching practice.

Listen to Module 5 Preview

  • Lesson 1 — How to use the Finishing Well diagram as a coaching tool.
  • Lesson 2 — How to use the Red, Yellow, Green Exercise as a coaching tool.
  • Lesson 3 — How to use the Timeline Exercise as a coaching tool.
  • Lesson 4 — How to use the Critical Focus List as a coaching tool.
  • Lesson 5 — Tips on how to build your Coaching Toolbox.


Building Your Coaching Business or Ministry, part 1 will shift the training focus away from learning about the art and science of coaching to the practical steps of building a coaching practice.

Listen to Module 6 Preview

  • Lesson 1 — 11 key questions to help you set your coaching fees.
  • Lesson 2 — Examples of coaching fees.
  • Lesson 3 — How to make it easy for people to say yes.
  • Lesson 4 — Figuring out who you should coach.
  • Lesson 5 — Strategies for getting clients.


Building Your Coaching Business or Ministy, part 2 will train the student to be prepared for their first coaching engagement. The goal upon completion is that the student feels ready to work with their practice clients as the final steps in the certification process.

Listen to Module 7 Preview

  • Lesson 1 — How to have a discovery conversation.
  • Lesson 2 — How to write a coaching proposal.
  • Lesson 3 — How to create your launch strategy.
  • Lesson 4 — Important tips for your coaching business.


Coaching Your Practice Clients will give the students an opportunity to put into practice what they have learned in their training. They will be working with a RCS certified coach who will debrief with them after each coaching session, answer their questions, review best practices, and encourage them on how to improve. The RCS coach will recommend the student for either certification or additional training.

Listen to Module 8 Preview

  • Lesson 1 — Recruiting your practice clients.
  • Lesson 2 — Coaching, learning, and improving.
  • Lesson 3 — Client evaluation and final thoughts.

The training at Real Coaching Success gave me every single step I needed to take in order to take my coaching to the next level.

Ryan Rives, Dallas, TX,

I am convinced I would not have been able to launch my own coaching business without the Real Coaching Success training.

Julie miles, tulsa, ok,

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Real Coaching Success Certification FAQ

How fast can I complete the course? Students tend to average 1 lesson per week.

What if I have questions in the middle of a module? Just email us and we will either answer in writing or send over an audio file, and if needed, we will have one of our RCS coaches schedule a call with you. We are here to help!

Will I be a part of the coaching team at Real Coaching Success (RCS)? No. RCS does not have a coaching team. The RCS coaches are people that Dr. Baxter has personally trained and has known for at least 5 years.

Can I access the course after my certification? Yes! The purchased modules on your Podia account stay available to you.

Are there scholarships available? Yes. We are not able to offer full scholarships, but we are more than willing to try to find a way to provide the training to you. We never want finances to prevent someone from being trained if possible. Just email us ( and we will send you an application then someone from the Real Coaching Success team will schedule an interview with you.

Does Dianne do any of the training? No. Dr. Baxter is the teacher/trainer of the two. Dianne, however, was very involved in the content of the course as well as with the book.

Should I purchase the Real Coaching Success book before signing up to be trained? Yes! The book is used throughout the course.

I will always be grateful for Real Coaching Success because I am now able to support my family through my coaching business.

Thomas Thompson, Colorado Springs, CO,

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