Kristi Triplett Jones: Kristi is a Certified Executive Coach at Lead Self Lead Others who, for the past 12 years, has guided companies and communities internationally through human connection and relational intelligence experiences. She is a writer, speaker, and advocate for individuals wanting to move their stories forward and unleashing their full potential.

You may be sitting at your computer screen or looking at your mobile device, reading this article – and you may be asking yourself “Why am I a coach?” Great question! And a crucial question to begin as a coach—or re-align yourself if you’ve been in the coaching practice a while. 

Being clear on your “why” will help you navigate a world where there seems to be a new coach around every corner, trying to build their business and share their message. In a world where social media fuels unhealthy comparison (and our inner critic) we must be strong and confident in the message we are sharing. 

Our skillsets, desires, passions, and voice is valued, different, and needed. So desperately needed. 

When we begin to lose ourselves in “comparison mode” our inner critic secretly sneaks into our minds. You know that icky, small voice? It doesn’t seem like too much of a big deal until it gets stronger because we didn’t rid it in the first place. 

What are you even doing? 

You aren’t good enough. 

Do you have the right to walk next to others and lead them to their own greatness? 

I call this “inner critic work,” and have done it hundreds of times with individuals, communities, and teams. Below are steps that you can do to help you successfully work through your inner critic.


First, if you feel comfortable, I want you to get with a safe person. These are the people who see, hear, and be with you without judgment or comparison. They yearn to understand, walk in empathy, help keep you accountable, and support you in your journey. It could be a coaching mentor, a family member, or friend. 

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Research shows when we take pen to paper, something powerful happens within our minds. 

There is a release of pressure in the mind when the words are now out on paper where we can visualize them. 

Write your inner critic messages. The lies that try to creep into your mind without you even recognizing them. Write them on a piece of paper; say them out loud. 


You have now recognized words and messages that do not align with your purpose and mission. 

They have no place in your mind—or your coaching practice. So rip up that paper and throw it away.

This present moment is your most powerful moment. This is where you grow and move forward. When you are leading yourself well, you can and will lead others powerfully into their purpose, vision, and goals. 

Now that you’ve (temporarily) displaced your inner critic, we come back to the question:  “Why am I a coach?” 

What is your story, what is your voice, what is your why? Take time to intentionally remind yourself of your unique calling, and reground yourself as a coach. 

Take a deep breath, releasing the negativity that tries to build up in our bodies, our shoulders, and our minds. Find your safe people and discuss your “why.” Process your thoughts with someone who can help hold you accountable in your coaching journey, and to understand the need you are filling in your community. 

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