April 2024

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  • Welcome note from Dianne Baxter
  • Our Latest News
  • Featured Coaching Resource: Webinar — 3 Keys to Launching & Building a Successful Coaching Business by Dr. Nathan Baxter
  • Article: “Is Passion for Coaching Enough?”
  • Our new strategic partner, Nate Faught, The Narrative Group
  • Short Coaching Thoughts
  • Resources that will encourage and equip you for Real Coaching Success

Note from Dianne Baxter

Dear Amazing Coaches in our RCS Network:

Nathan & I are working weekly to encourage and equip coaches. Real Coaching Success is such a blessing to us because it puts us in relationships with people who share our passion for encouraging others.

As usual, we are working on new resources this year to add to our list of free tools to share with our fellow coaches. One of those being creating an online resource center for Churches who want to bring a coaching ministry to their church. We plan to launch this resource on February 1, 2025.

The most exciting news however, is that our son Connor Baxter has launched his own coaching business. Check it out at https://www.baxterleadership.com. We included a pic below of us dropping hi off at the airport after our last RCS workshop.

In this edition, Nathan is re-sharing his great article titled “Is Passion for Coaching Enough?” and he is also teaching a webinar on “3 Keys to Launching & Building a Successful Coaching Business.”

Also, we have officially signed a contract with Tulsa Country Club for October 17-18, for the location of our 2024 Real Coaching Success Workshop. Mark your calendars!

Have a great week of coaching!

Dianne Baxter, Chief Marketing Officer

Our Latest News

We welcome all the YOD Coaches (Your One Degree) to our RCS network. Since we have now officially partnered with this ministry to provide the certification training, they will automatically have access to our resources. We celebrate our first graduate under the new system, Cynthia Stewart.

Featured Resource.

Is Passion for Coaching Enough?

by Dr. Nathan Baxter, Executive Leadership Coach

I wrote this article to address the discipline needed in order to launch a coaching ministry or business. So many people who would make great coaches fail because they do not take seriously the need for certain structures and routines that are required. I conclude with 5 self leadership questions for the coach.

There is no question that to be great at coaching you have to have “coaching passion.” Meaning, you have an internal natural drive to be intentional in investing in others. This is the one thing that all coaches have in common…we are naturally curious and interested in the success of others and we are willing to help them in their journey. Read the rest of the article here.

Our new Strategic Partner, Nathan (Nate) Faught, The Narrative Group


We have formed a partnership with Nathan Faught to help us do a better job of communicating to our growing RCS network. You will be hearing from him each month as he gives you a video preview of the latest news from Real Coaching Success.

Also, we recommend Nathan as a resource to help you figure out who you are and what you need to say. Often times when coaches are ready to bring their services to market, they realize that they need to have an online presence to introduce themselves to potential clients. This can be difficult to do because you are talking about yourself. Nate can help you and is just an email away. Reach out today and get a conversation scheduled.

Short Coaching Thoughts

There are plenty of people that would like to work with you but the problem is that they don’t know your name. (Be sure to invest in marketing yourself to others).

Coaching can be a lonely business at times and you need to be able to lead yourself well to give yourself a real chance at being successful.

Keep working to develop your “professional curiosity.” Make it your goal that you discover something new about the person in front of you every time you meet them.

Resources that will encourage and equip you for Real Coaching Success

  • Think.Coach.Pray is a weekly email resource for coaches who want to tap into their Christian faith to help them experience real coaching success. Sign up today at office@realcoachingsuccess.com
  • Real Coaching Success Certification consists of 8 learning modules that contain 4-5 lessons. Also, available is the option to pick and choose just the individual modules that you need. Register today and get started!
  • Read Nathan and Dianne’s book Real Coaching Success: What it Takes to Be and Excellent Coach and Build Your Business if you want their best tips for success. You can find it on Amazon.
  • Real Coaching Success Workshop in Tulsa, OK on October 17-18, 2024. Registration opens up in May. Save the Date!

Coming Soon!

Coaching Podcast with Nathan & Dianne. The plan is to discuss a coaching topic each month to help encourage and equip coaches for success. Also, we will interview other coaches to hear about their stories and experiences in coaching.